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 Alexandra Kruk has magic, I know it sounds strange and contrived but once you meet her and experience her free-spirited personality you start to believe. Then upon working with her and seeing the results of her work you will definitely know this to be true. You can actually see it and feel it in her personality and her work.

Her dreams of photography started while a young girl growing up in Poland when she received a strange Russian camera from her grandfather. However cost and availability of film forced her to hold this dream in her heart for a very long time, but she did hold it.

Two decades later after learning English meeting the man of her dreams and raising three amazing children, Alex was able to pick up her dream again.

She now uses her unconventional free spirit to create photo's of amazing insight vision and color. She is able to capture the magic that is within all of us because she is not mired in any one way of shooting. Each subject is Unique so each subject needs a unique way of capturing their essence. What makes a good photograph a great photograph other than magic really.

Perhaps the greatest part of shooting with Alex is her ability to make her subjects both young and old feel like themselves. This comfort adds to her already considerable talents to capture that small twinkle in the eye or that smirk that draws the viewer in and makes you somehow feel you want to know that person better, or that you in fact do know that person better. Her photo's help her clients evoke their true selves in their photo's and this symmetry works. It's not just a headshot or fashion shoot it is art in its most beautiful and most human form.

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